A few photos to remember Winter’s last fling in New Jersey

LIFE IN NEW JERSEY: Snow in March? I didn’t think that really happened here. But it did last week and once again  turned parts of New Jersey including my local town, into a breath-taking winter wonderland. I know you’re all probably sick of my continous rambling on about the beauty of snow here. However, I’m severely addicted it seems, to the mesmerizing effect that fresh snow has on the local landscape.

So if you can bear with me one more time this season, please enjoy the photos of beautiful Montclair in the unfairly maligned US state of New Jersey.


A bare ugly tree is transformed into beauty in New Jersey in a later winter snow storm. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ


The entrance to Brookdale Park in Montclair New Jersey during a March snow storm. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ


Brookdale Park in Montclair NJ in the midst of a snow storm. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ


Two ladies cross-country skiing on the buried sidewalk in Brookdale Park in Montclair New Jersey. The only way to travel when the snow is so deep. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ


Anderson Park in Upper Montclair during a March snow storm. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ


Anderson Park is a white blanket except for the red stop sign in the background. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ



A last of the season snow storm in Montclair New Jersey transforms an ordinary suburban street into a beautiful wonderland. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ


The same street in the previous photo only a few hours later. You can see how quickly the snow is melting. Within a few hours nearly all of it has gone due to the warmer temperatures in March as we head towards Spring in the next two weeks. Photo © Expat Aussie In NJ

4 thoughts on “A few photos to remember Winter’s last fling in New Jersey

  1. Italo Marchini says:

    Beautiful pics. Thanks! Sometimes you have to get away (Paris) to appreciate where you came from.

  2. The last two pics are from the street I used to live on, Cambridge Rd. I now live in Texas, so it was great to come across these by chance. So glad you posted them and in hi res. Thank you!

    • Hi Keith,
      Lovely to hear from you! We were neighbors and I didn’t even know! We live on Grove St…
      The landscapes are still beautiful after snow here but I bet you don’t miss the shoveling and muddy water that gets into your car and house:)
      Haven’t been to Texas yet but I bet it is an interesting place with lots happening. Many expats move there to Houston and Dallas.
      Thanks for your comments too-much appreciated:)
      Anne Marie

  3. Cheryl Cartwright says:

    Hi Anne Marie. We are travelling from Brisbane on 6th December and staying on Christopher Columbus drive near grove station. We have friends who live in Montclair (Aussies from Perth) and we are wondering what their is to do in winter where we can meet them out that way. Any ideas?

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