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  1. I’m a student moving to Newark from Melbourne. I have a probationary drivers licence about to get my full licence in two years,

    My question is, can I drive with my DL from Victoria, in NJ, or do I need to bring an IDL?

    • Hi Kumar,
      If you move to NJ with a license that is anything but a full license (e.g. probationary), you will be expected to go through their driving license program that handles new drivers (although somewhat more fast-tracked – not starting from scratch). You will still be entitled to get a type of probationary license but not the full version that others get when they have already reached that here before relocating.

      You will still need to do all the things that any expat driver has to do when applying though, so make sure you bring all your paperwork, and study properly for the knowledge exam.

      Btw, ALL expat drivers except perhaps Canadians, are required to bring an IDL, and carry it with you in the car while driving, as well as your home license. Also be careful what location you select to live in Newark, as there are some dangerous areas there for crime. If living on Rutgers campus, you should be fine but be careful.

      OK, hope that helps,

      Anne Marie

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