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EXPAT ASSIST: Who we are and what we do

Expat Assist is a business run by Australian expat Anne-Marie Watson, that provides settling-in services in NJ. We assist expats and people relocating from overseas. While many relocation businesses exist in Northern USA, few if any are run by expats. The benefit to you, is that we have gone through the same things that our clients are going through right now. We truly understand what it is like to pick up all your worldly goods, your family, your pets, and your life, and then to cart them half-way around the world to a strange place.

The staff in Expat Assist have experienced the full gamut of relocation challenges  personally, so we know what it is like. We try to help our clients around the typical problems and frustrations that relocation can create. Our job is to streamline the process of settling in so you can adjust quicker with less stress, into your new lives.

Main Services

Our main services are destination and settling-in services. So if you are moving to New Jersey we can help you with:

  • Orientation and Area Tours of Northern and Central NJ
  • Home search and rental tours
  • School search and assistance with registration
  • Assistance with Social Security Number and NJ Driver License applications
  • Assistance opening a Bank Account
  • Advice on choosing a location to live in
Details of our expat services in NJ are provided below. Half day services cost $300; Full day services cost $600. All costs are in US dollars. Booking services and payments are arranged with Anne-Marie Watson directly.
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Orientation and Area Tours

Tours are provided by a knowledgeable consultant of  the client’s preferred locations. Tours are either half-day (3-4 hrs.) or full day (6-7 hrs.). For each location in NJ, the consultant will tour the major points of interest such as transportation, shopping areas, supermarkets, restaurants, schools, township amenities, emergency services and any other specific priority for our clients. From our first point of contact, we endeavor to give our clients the very best value possible, through expert information, problem-solving and listening to what is needed.IMG_5654

Home search and Rental Tours

Our consultants work with hand-picked realtors who know very well the area where clients are searching for a rental home. Together, we identify the best potential rental properties available and then accompany our client to review them at a mutually agreed time. Our aim would be for our client to find a suitable home on their tour. If that is not possible, then our realtor will continue to search with the client separately until they find the right home. Rental tours are half-day, one day or two day services. For a two day service we standardly include as part of the service:

  1. Assistance with reviewing the rental lease to maximize the client’s situation
  2. Advice and assistance with utility account startup
  3. A comprehensive property review and checklist completion (including a thorough photographic record of existing damages) before move-in, to protect our client’s security deposit.
A two day service as above would mean 1 day accompaniment of client to property viewings, then a full day assisting with these three services as required.

Apartments in Hoboken

School Search and Registration Service

Often the most critical step in deciding on where to live for most families, is choosing the right schools for their children. This applies whether you are looking at private or public school education. Our consultants have a good understanding of how important this is, and will strive to find just the right school that fits the client’s brief and their family’s needs.  Services provided can include:

  • School search (Half-day or full-day service)
  • School appointment making (Half-day service)
  • Assistance with Registration (Half-day service)
  • Combined services (two or more: as required)


Assistance with Social Security Number and Driving License Applications

These are two of the most important documents you will need as an expat just arriving here from overseas. While we cannot make the applications for you, we have the experience to know what is required. Expat Assist NJ can also advise the best way to submit these applications to minimize problems that commonly occur. We help you review what is required beforehand and accompany you to the government offices to submit the applications. Our goal is to try and streamline your applications to be as smooth as possible. Visits to these offices can be time-consuming, so clients need to allocate at least 3-4 hours out of their normal day to attend.

Both services are half-day services (each).



Assistance with opening a US Bank Account

Whether you have just arrived here or been here a few weeks, eventually all expats will need to open a US bank account (if not done so already). Banks vary with what documents they require from prospective new clients, and sometimes they can even differ between branch to branch. Let us assist you in straightening out what is needed, so that you can complete this important task promptly after arriving.

Opening a Bank Account is an hourly charge service at $75/hr.



NJ Relocation Hotline: Providing Advice on Relocations

Call Anne-Marie directly or email her to set up a time to discuss your relocation. First 20 minutes (no charge).

After that, the NJ Relocation Hotline charges are: $15  per 20 minutes, payable in advance.


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2 thoughts on “Expat Services in NJ

  1. Ben Smith says:

    Hi, I am an Aussie living in the USA, trying to find a USA accountant that can help me lodge my USA tax return based on my income from Australia. So far I can only find very expensive international tax attorney, greatly appreciate any assistance

    • Hi Ben,
      Initially we were provided accountancy services as part of our expat package from my husband’s company. It was one of the big accountancy firms such as Deloittes. After that we just used an everyday local accountant. Not sure how you can avoid big fees but I would probably ask for suggestions via an expat group through either Linked In (plenty of expat groups on here including Aussies In the US-website http://www.aussiesintheusa.com/) or Facebook (Aussie Expats https://www.facebook.com/groups/expats.aussie/.). Sorry I can’t be more helpful:(


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