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Shopping in America: 14 Large US Retailers expats should know

Best-Buy-Retail-Chain EXPAT LIFE: Shopping in America has always meant for me as an Australian, going to ‘the mall’. Outside these iconic centers of convenient high fashion and merchandise, I knew there were other big-store retailers like Walmart, Costco and Toys’R’Us but didn’t think much beyond these. Well it turns out that these big-box (large) retailers are so numerous in America that it […] Continue reading →

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas: the Perfect Storm of Celebrations

Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-the-Perfect-storm-of-celebrations   EXPAT LIFE: About now, anyone with a school-aged child in the USA has begun their annual preparations. For what you ask? Not another hurricane but for this whirlwind time of year when one after the other, there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas: the Perfect Storm of Celebrations. That’s sure what it feels like. Between October and December, […] Continue reading →