NJ Relocation Resources

Resources for Expats Moving to New Jersey

Real Estate
1. Real Story NJ website http://www.realstorynj.com./nj-market-facts   Information on New Jersey Real Estate

2. Coldwell Bankers Real Estate website: http://www.coldwellbanker.com/ : this is not the only real estate site to search for homes to rent or buy in NJ but probably the best site!


Specific characteristics on NJ towns
1. Sperling’s Best Places website : http://www.bestplaces.net/docs/about.aspx – Website where you can check out US towns or zip codes for important data on population demographics, cost of Living, economy, housing, health, crime, climate, schools & education, transportation, religion, voting.

2. Zip Skinny: http://www.zipskinny.com/ : a similar site to ‘Best Places’ where you can obtain demographic data, school listings etc for a particular US zip code (postcode)

3. Area Vibes: http://www.areavibes.com/ : a website that reviews specific US areas across ten metrics to give you an ‘area vibe’. These metrics include cost of living, crime index, education, employment, health & safety, housing, transportation, weather, local business and user ratings.

4. Street Advisor: http://www.streetadvisor.com/ : a review site where you can access opinions on neighborhoods, streets in places where you might want to live in USA. [NB: Not all towns are rated]

5. Spot Crime: http://www.spotcrime.com/ : you can search for specific US crime statistics in local areas

6. Find the Data: http://cost-of-living.findthedata.org/d/d/New-Jersey : another website that can provide cost-of-living data from specific areas and comparisons between areas.

7. Articles on best places to live in NJ:


School assessments
1. New Jersey School Rankings: http://www.psk12.com/rating/USindexphp/STATE_NJ.html

2. Great Schools: http://www.greatschools.org/ : a site dedicated to providing information to prospective students’ parents about school performances, cultural characteristics, parental involvement etc. Schools are given a rating out of 10.


Railway Networks
• Railroad networks NJ: http://www.state.nj.us/transportation/gis/maps/railroads.pdf

NJ Transit

PATH railway


Cost of Living


Blogs: http://blogs.crikey.com.au/back-in-a-bit/2012/06/20/why-i-love-the-nanny-state/Pets


Pet Relocation
Pet Relocation: http://www.petrelocation.com/blog/ask-the-pet-travel-experts




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