New Jersey weather extremes: At least Nemo was kinder than Sandy

LIFE IN NEW JERSEY: Well after a lot of worrying and a bit of panic, snow storm ‘Nemo’ didn’t hurt New Jersey much at all, compared to Hurricane Sandy. The snow was enough to make my home town look beautiful, at least for a while. Here are some photos from Montclair, New Jersey from last week’s snow event!


A good snow covering is the only way to make dead plants in winter look great. Photograph © ExpatAussieInNJ



An ordinary suburban street is transformed into stark beauty by snow storm Nemo in New Jersey. Photograph © ExpatAussieInNJ


An old yellow cottage contrasts beautifully against the white snow backdrop from snow storm Nemo in New Jersey. Photograph © ExpatAussieInNJ



An everyday street in Montclair is transformed by snow into a black and white avenue of trees. Photograph © ExpatAussieInNJ



Garden lights provide a small but beautiful color contrast to snow laden garden in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, after Nemo snow-storm. Photograph © ExpatAussieInNJ



Hanging snow makes pretty patterning on pine tree in our neighbours yard in Montclair,NJ after snow storm Nemo. Photograph © ExpatAussieInNJ

These scenes even make my photography look good! Oh how I wish this season would last a bit longer….


2 thoughts on “New Jersey weather extremes: At least Nemo was kinder than Sandy

  1. You live in a beautiful neighbourhood – the snow on the trees is just gorgeous. When we lived in the Middle East the one thing I truly missed were large deciduous trees. For me, big old trees=home 🙂

    • Thanks Judy:) Montclair is truly a beautiful town. Picking a good place was one thing we got right. The snow does make the scene look more beautiful than it does normally but the trees are gorgeous here. Better than at home really!

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