2 thoughts on “Six Top Priorities for new Expats in New Jersey

  1. Melissa Clulow says:

    Having just been through the whole driver’s license palaver (finally obtained today!), a related topic I would add to this list is the importance of shopping around for insurance coverage if one plans to purchase or lease a vehicle. As “new” US drivers, we obtained quotes for annual coverage in the $2500-$3000 range from companies like Allstate, State Farm, and Progressive. A little more research and we were able to secure a rate of $1500 from Geico which seems like a bargain by comparison – though still a far cry from the $600 we were paying in Canada… 🙂

    • Hey Melissa, Congratulations! Wonderful to have your own piece of individual plastic with your name on it! It is a bit of a process they go through here. Makes our NSW Motor Registry look like a Sunday picnic. Yes, that is great advice on insurance because we, and other Aussie expats have had that same experience. Our friend was actually quoted $6000, can you believe it? He thought they made a mistake when he got the quote (put one too many zeros on it). By looking around though he lowered it a lot but like you we are still paying a lot more than back in Oz. I heard that NJ insurance is higher than elsewhere in the country because New Jerseyans have more accidents than other states (lol). I find that easy to believe, looking at how people drive here but don’t know if it’s actually true!

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