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I am an Australian expat who wears multiple hats: mother, trailing spouse, marketer and blogger. Our family have done the 'ultimate' travel trip: living for eight years as expats in New Jersey, USA. Although we had to relocate back to Australia, I have documented our adventures and relocation trials in this blog, and continue to write about these memories, until there's no more to tell!
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Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas: the Perfect Storm of Celebrations

Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-the-Perfect-storm-of-celebrations   EXPAT LIFE: About now, anyone with a school-aged child in the USA has begun their annual preparations. For what you ask? Not another hurricane but for this whirlwind time of year when one after the other, there is Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas: the Perfect Storm of Celebrations. That’s sure what it feels like. Between October and December, […] Continue reading →