My Top Ten World Travel Destinations

TRAVEL TALES: It is always a fun idea listing your top destinations that you have visited, not least of all because it gives you a chance to reminisce about all the wonderful places you have been. It’s also a hard task because choosing just ten places, when you have travelled a lot, is exceedingly difficult.

And how do you choose them? Should it be the ten most beautiful places, the most striking places, the most fun places for a holiday or the ones you enjoyed before you had kids? What about the places you start to investigate to move to because you want to live there from now on?

I have used as my jumping off point this rather morbid but decision-facilitating question: If I died tomorrow, what would be the list of places I am most glad I have been able to experience?

 So here is my list and a short explanation of why:

  1. Parga, Greece: A small town on the west coast of Greece, not far from where Corfu sits opposite the Greek coastline. It’s special for many reasons: the vista that includes a Crusader castle on top of the headland, a small island that has a beautiful little church on it and fishing boats around it, all visible from the town centre where at sunset, with an end of the day drink, you feel you are in a film set except it’s all real. Add to this, beautiful clear water to swim in on the adjoining beach and you have the makings of an unforgettable time. We loved it so much we wanted to buy a house here!
  2. Paris, France: well what can I say that hasn’t been said before? We loved all of it, having visited there twice, and especially walking around the streets from Arc D’Triumph. An unforgettable place where I could live no problem (at least I dream it would be easy)!
  3. The Great Pyramid Giza, Egypt: From the age of ten years, I have always wanted to be an archaeologist, and this has impacted my choice of travel destinations significantly. Just look at our travel photos and you will see what I mean. So of course, this magnificent eulogy to Egypt’s previous early inhabitants was always going to be on the top ten agenda. And the real life experience of seeing and crawling into these mammoth buildings is unforgettable. 
  4. Petra, Jordan: Ever since seeing ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, where they ride into Petra to finally discover the Holy Grail, I had hankered to do the same. While we did indeed ride though the rock crevices that unveil the beautiful facades of Petra, it was on two old nags, led by our disinterested guide, plodding along like two kids riding ponies for the first time. A view that no doubt was sublimely ridiculous and far less romantic than I’d imagined. Despite this, nothing can quite prepare you for the awe-inspiring beauty of Petra’s Treasury building as it unveils slowly in front of your eyes.  The view in real life is no less awesome than the movie.
  5. Cairns, Australia – a quintessentially Australian place with gorgeous forests, beaches, ocean reefs and amazingly unique wildlife. My favorite place to holiday when I want to steep myself in Australia.
  6. Istanbul, Turkey: Always alluringly portrayed in movies for its mysterious intrigue and antiquity, this city lives up to this ideal in more ways than I could have imagined. There is no shortage of things to excite, mystify and amaze you. I have always wished I had spent more time there.
  7. Perast, MonteNegro: Being completely ignorant of the beauty of MonteNegro before visiting this previous Yugoslav state, we were both astoundingly delighted to experience the beauty of the Bay of Kotor. Described as Europe’s most southern fjord, this magnificent valley set on the Adriatic coast, will knock your socks off. The magnitude of stunning vistas will be a challenge for your camera to capture.
  8. Dubrovnik, Croatia: Another Adriatic beauty, the old city of Dubrovnic offers history, charm, spectacular vistas, crystal blue waters, and wonderful cuisine, especially seafood. What more can a person ask for?
  9. Santorini, Greece: just so idyllic. Photos can never do justice to the iconic white and blue buildings, the sunsets, the craggy rocks and the food. Could have stayed there forever.
  10. The Australian Outback (Uluru and Alice Springs) – Okay I’m cheating here by using a general description to include two great places because truthfully, I couldn’t decide between them. Stark red rocks and soils against Australian gums trees and bush. Unforgettable.

What are your favorite places you’ve visited? Do any of mine strike a chord with you?

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